How should my company be positioned going forward, pharma or biotech?

The business challenge:
  • A new biotherapeutics company with products originally from a multinational pharma company wanted to understand how it is currently perceived by its key customers, and establish a position that would optimize credibility in the marketplace.
How we helped:
  • Conducting interviews with key stakeholders, we determined that our client already had the most advantageous corporate positioning as most considered them a biotech company, a more positive positioning than pharma.
  • We recommended increased visibility through sales reps and CME offerings, strategies usually associated with pharma companies, to help our client become the recognized global leader in developing and delivering premium protein therapies.

What unidentified opportunities are there for partnership between technology providers and the education industry?

The business challenge:
  • A leading association representing the technology industry wanted to understand market trends in technology integration in US schools and identify opportunities for partnership.
How we helped:
  • We conducted a longitudinal survey of US educators, building actionable benchmarks in a flexible format to maintain relevance as technology changes, benchmarking against a static metric to objectively measure progress from year to year.
  • Conducting the survey with educators over several years, we determined that while technology usage and expectations increased, educators sought to strike a balance and approach technology integration in the classroom more strategically, a potential risk for our client.
  • We identified target opportunities addressing unmet needs in training and bandwidth at the K-12 and postsecondary level that our client used to inform strategy, inspire future product innovations, and educate its members.

These are illustrative case studies, modified to protect client confidentiality.

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